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Product Liability

Myrtle Beach Product Liability Attorneys

More often than not, personal injury law is thought of as solely dealing with devastating accidents such as car accidents, pedestrian accidents and medical malpractice; where individuals are able to pursue financial compensation for the injuries they’ve suffered.

Product liability law offers individuals that have been injured through the use of improperly manufactured or poorly designed products to pursue financial compensation for their pain and suffering, among other damages. Victims that have sustained injuries through the use of defective products need knowledgeable product liability lawyers to represent them.

An attorney from our Myrtle Beach based firm, which serves Horry County, Georgetown County and the Greater Myrtle Beach areas, will take the time needed to understand your situation and discuss your rights as a consumer with you. He has the knowledge and experience in product liability law to diligently recover damages that will compensate you for the injuries and pain that you’ve suffered.

What does Product Liability Law Cover?

Product liability law falls under consumer protection law. Generally speaking, there are three basic kinds of product liability claims.

  1. Design Defect Claims refer to an unsafe or dangerously designed product.
  2. Manufacturing Defect Claims concern product malfunctions that stem from a flaw in the manufacturing process or the failure of a specific part during normal use of the product.
  3. Marketing-Related Product Liability Claims cover the failure of a manufacturer or distributor of a product to instruct or warn consumers of the safety practices and less obvious dangers associated with using the product.

The use of defective products can result in devastating injuries to consumers, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations and wrongful death. Some injuries may even prevent an individual from being able to support themselves and their families for the rest of their lives.

Whatever your situation may be, Attorney Jeffrey Lucas will be able to help. He has the necessary experience and knowledge needed to obtain a favorable outcome for your claim.

How Are Product Liability Injuries Commonly Caused?

Any product could have an unseen flaw in its design, marketing or manufacturing process. However, certain products simply have a higher likelihood of causing injuries than others.

Common examples of product liability injuries include defective auto parts, defective toys, defective household appliances (toasters, coffee makers, dishwashers), recreational and sporting equipment (treadmills, playground equipment, helmets, weight machines), defective landscaping and household products (lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, edgers, weed whackers), tools (ladders, saws, drills), food poisoning (e-coli, listeria, salmonella), foreign items in food, unsafe prescription medications and even construction accidents resulting from an unseen defect in the equipment being used.


Consult a Product Liability Lawyer Dedicated to Helping the People of South Carolina

If you or someone you love has sustained an injury through the normal use of an unsafe or otherwise defective product, it may be in your best interests to consult the expertise of Attorney Jeffrey Lucas from the Lucas Law Firm. He serves the people of South Carolina and will dedicate himself to providing the experienced, quality legal representation you need to recover the damages you deserve. Call us at 1-803-374-0389 to receive a free evaluation of your claim.

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