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Nursing Home Abuse

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Nursing home abuse is one of the most devastating yet under reported crimes across our country. With a shrinking number of people who are actually qualified to take care of elderly patients in nursing home settings, and corporations increasingly taking over operations of such facilities, it has become harder and harder to verify that safety can be assured. In a bid to maximize profit, staff can be cut back and individuals who lack the necessary skill set are increasingly being hired because they’re willing to accept lower salaries.

It’s a recipe for potential disaster, and that’s why Attorney Jeffrey Lucas of the Lucas Law Firm wants to help those who have been taken advantage of by this system. The firm has assisted those persons who have been injured in a wide variety of accidents. Nursing home abuse is one of the practice areas we can help with, and we want to assist you any way we can.

The Many Facets of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse can take many forms, some of them going beyond the most obvious types of grievances. Persons might qualify to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit if they have been the victims of:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Malnourishment
  • Inappropriate medication dosing or medical care
  • Wrongful constraint to a room or bed
  • Improper hygiene assistance
  • Financial abuse, such as fraud, extortion, and coercion
  • Wander and Elopement



In each of these instances, the victim is entitled to receive financial compensation from those who have inflicted harm. Whether it be a staff member who abused their status within the care facility or a relative who used scare tactics or outright lies to take advantage of a Power of Attorney privilege, the victim deserves recompense for what they’ve been put through.

You Deserve a Trustworthy Legal Aid

Have you or a loved one suffered because of nursing home abuse? If so, realize that you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 240,000 instances of elder abuse take place every single year in the United States, and many of these take place in those institutions meant to provide care. Those who have been put in such a terrible situation deserve a lawyer they can trust.

To that end, the Lucas law firm offers our services to you on a contingency fee basis. At the Lucas Law Firm, we strive to bring a personal touch to our legal representation. We believe that those who have been afflicted by nursing home abuse deserve someone who will both protect their legal rights and explain in detail what’s going on with their case. And since mobility of victims of this type of incident can often be compromised, we will come to you when the circumstances require a face-to-face meeting. We’re committed to our clients, and we’ll do whatever we can within the means of the law to help you.

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