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Medtronic Quickset Paradigm Recall

Medtronic Recall Law Firm

Harrisburg medtronic quick-set recall AttorneyJuly 10, 2009, Medtronic, Inc. announced a recall of specific lots of Quick-set® infusion sets that are designed to be used with the MiniMed Paradigm® insulin pump. The infusion set is a small plastic tube used to deliver insulin from the insulin pump into the diabetic patient. These sets are usually replaced (by the patient) every three days.

Medtronic Quick-Set® Recalls

Infusion Sets Affected By The Recall

According to MiniMed, approximately 60,000 infusion sets may not work properly. The affected infusion sets are from a particular lot referred to as Lot 8 (because they begin with the number 8) and are given one of the reference numbers listed below

  • MMT-396
  • MMT-397
  • MMT-398
  • MMT-399

Why is the Medtronic Quick-Set® Paradigm® being recalled?

AgaMedtronic Paradigm Quick Set Recall Attorney - Recall Laywersin, this only affects the lot specified (Lot 8), and does not affect any other lot numbers. The defective infusion sets are said to deliver too much or too little insulin to the diabetic patient. Too much insulin can cause abnormally low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia), too little insulin can result in above normal blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia). Incorrect insulin levels can result in serious injury or even death.

What if I have Medtronic Quick-Sets that are affected by the recall?

Medtronic will exchange all affected products at no additional charge and are asking that patients discontinue using infusion sets labeled with the lot numbers beginning with the number 8. More information can be found on the Medtronic web site.

Quick-Set® and MiniMed Paradigm® are registered trademarks of Medtronic, Inc. and are used here for informational purposes only. Handler Henning & Rosenberg, LLP is in no way affiliated with Medtronic, Inc.

Legal Help for Those Injured By Medtronic Paradigm® Quick-Set®

The Law Offices of the Stampfle Law Firm is currently handling Medtronic Quick-Set legal claims. If you or someone you know has suffered a serious injury as a result of low blood sugar while using Lot 8 of the Medtronic Quick Set Infusion Sets, please contact us today for a free, confidential consultation about your legal rights concerning the use of any of the Medtronic recalls listed.

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