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Have you suffered a heart attack or a stroke after taking a testosterone supplement?  Have you lost a loved one to the same?  If so, then the defective drug lawyers of the Stampfle Law Firm would like to hear from you.  Our team is offering legal assistance to those who have been injured by AndroGel and similar treatments.

If you believe you or a loved one has been injured by this medical treatment, then contact us at once for your free consultation.

Low T:  A Real Medical Issue, Or A Natural Part Of Aging?

The testosterone supplement industry has exploded in recent years, with many people prescribed treatments like AndroGel without necessarily requiring the therapy.  This is unfortunate, as recent findings suggest that persons exposed to these materials could be exposed to a host of medical issues.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved testosterone supplements as an aid to those persons who truly have low or no testosterone.  These conditions can have a serious effect on the male body, with afflicted persons suffering from diminished libido, a lack of muscle development, and sluggishness.

The problem is that a natural drop in testosterone levels is to be expected over time.  As a person ages and puts on weight, it’s common to lose testosterone, and for centuries, this wasn’t looked upon as a negative issue.

Marketing Has Skewed Perception

Marketing has shifted views about the problem, which used to go by the scientific moniker “andropause” but now carries the easier-to-sell label “low T.”  Sales of the drugs have grown into a billion dollar industry as marketers expanded the definition of what qualifies as a “low T” related issue.  Questions often used to “diagnose” Low T (do you feel tired at certain times during the day? are you not as good at sports as you once were?) are so broad that nearly anyone could find a reason to believe their testosterone levels are inadequate.

The industry has preyed on these feelings of inadequacy, leading many men to think that the natural progression of aging is something that needs to be medically corrected, when a better diet or exercise may work just as well.  The marketing positions age and health-related issues as a result of low T, when in actuality they may have nothing to do with the condition or could be causing the low testosterone levels rather than the other way around.

The Danger Revealed

This marketing masks the danger that testosterone supplements could pose.  Recent studies have prompted a renewed safety evaluation of testosterone treatments by the FDA, as the research shows that users could be at risk for serious heart problems.

This past November, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study that actually had to be ended early due to the inordinate number of strokes, heart attacks, and fatalities reported among the patient population.

Among men with a history of heart problems, persons receiving testosterone supplements had more than a one in four chance of enduring another serious cardiovascular issue.  That’s a 5.8% jump from those who did not receive the therapy.

Another study from UCLA found similar dangers.  According to a report from CBS News,  men over the age of 65 without previous heart issues were twice as likely to sustain a heart attack over the first three months of testosterone treatment.  For those younger than that who already had reported heart issues, a heart attack was three times more likely.


You May Be Entitled To Compensation For Being Misled

You deserve justice for this unfair situation in which people who likely never needed the treatment in the first place have been put at risk.  The Stampfle Law Firm is assisting persons just like you who have suffered serious medical problems that arose after exposure to a testosterone supplement.  Our team can help you learn more about the situation and offer instruction on what happens next.

We are providing free consultations to those misled by the marketing of “low T” treatments.  If you have been injured by or lost a loved one to a stroke or heart attack, call us today or fill out the form on this page.

Let the Stampfle Law Firm do right by you and your family.  Contact us at once.

For more information on the situation, visit the New York Times.

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